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  • Guarantee

    A form of credit granting in which BIDV makes written commitment to the guarantee recipient to implement financial obligations on behalf of the customer when the customer fails to perform or does not perform fully their committed obligations to the guarantee recipient.   ​1. Features  - Subjects:...

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    BIDV’s product which allows enterprises to spend in excess of available balances of their demand deposit accounts opened at BIDV to meet the enterprises’ unexpected demands for compensating temporary working capital shortfall or other typical payment demands.   ​1. Features  - Overdraft currencies: VND/USD - Overdraft...

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  • Corporate overdrart

    BIDV’s product to finance enterprises to purchase car for travelling and other business purposes.   ​1. Features  - Conditions for cars: with 04-45 seats, brand new or used. - Loan amount: in accordance with customers’ demand, credit rating, solvency and car’s features. - Loan term:...

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