Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I want to join in activities on NOCNDEAL What do I need to do?

You should perform these steps:
1: Register your account and pay membership fee
See link sign up page click here. (updating)
2: Create a business profile
After logging into the system the first time, you fill out the information form. The system will automatically send your account information to your email. (Username, password )
3: You can perform initialization your estore immediately after completion of the registration record form and paid membership fee.

2.Why do I need to create a profile on NOCNDEAL now?

Company profile help:
- We NOCNDEAL have enough information to authenticate the account for your company on the system.
- Other companies have the information to check and increase the opportunities for co-operation with your company.
- Clients find company information , create their confidence before deciding to contact with your company for deal

3.NOCNDEAL use information in company record on what purpose?

With the consent from you, we use information in company record on purpose:
- To authenticate your company account on the system
- To create opportunities for other companies and customers to find information about your company

4.Why my company record have not been approved?

Your company record have not approved beacause:
- You provide wrong of tax code or tax code is in inactive status.
- You provide incomplete or inaccurate requested information in the registration record form.

5.My company record will be approved for how long?

If the information is provided in the record that is complete and exactly, your company record will be approved within 48 hours (except holidays and Sundays). You will receive an email notification as soon as your company record was approved.

6.A new estore is how long it take to approve?

As soon as your company record was approved and you paid membership fee, then you can create the estore.

7.Who can register for an account on NOCNDEAL to create a estore ?

- Individuals and companies have registered business license legally and paid membership fee.
- Member countries of the Agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP Agreement) includes Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Peru, United States, Vietnam and Japan.

8.I created an account but why I can not log in?

You can not log in the system can be caused by:
- You enter an incorrect username or password. In the case, you forgot your password please use the feature of forgot password to get it back.
- You violate the rules of the terms so your account is locked. We are informed to the user in this case. If you do not receive notification, please contact us.

9.What do I need to be able to initialize the store?

According to the process, you should:
- Sign up and complete your company record form
- Pay membership fee
You can perform initialization your estore immediately after completion of the registration record form and paid membership fee.

10.I have finished initializing my estore but why my estore is locked?

We appreciate the cooperation with you. So we set out the rules that both should follow when operating on the system of NOCNDEAL. Your estore can be locked by:
1. Post products that violate the terms of NOCNDEAL.
2. Do not has contact information or contact information is incorrect.
3. Tax code is in inactive status.

11.In Categories of NOCNDEAL I could not find my commodity ?

Our Categories almost full of commodities. but if you do not find the suitable commodities with your product, you can contact the support department of NOCNDEAL for help.

You only open the estore on NOCNDEAL when you register as a legal person. Therefore, the product information on NOCNDEAL always gives the buyer confidence.

After each 06-month cycle, we will check the active status of each company through company tax code. If the company is in a state of suspended operations, we will temporarily close that company estore. This helps increase the frequency display product information and company left on the system.

NOCNDEAL provide 3 types of display estore. You can select the most appropriate interface for your estore to post and sell your products. Beautiful interface will increase the professionalism to the estore.

NOCNDEAL provides account management tools, estore management, management categories & product.

At every single page (introduction, services, regulations) and product detail pages have SEO support tool. You should utilize this tool to optimize every page in your estore. Besides, NOCNDEAL staff also supports the company in optimizing SEO.

Products after posting can be linked to the product page of NOCNDEAL under very specific categories. This helps buyers easily find the products you are selling.

12.How to have a booth to sell your products?

To have a estore selling the product you need:
a) Choosing a reputable service providers by:
- Their services provide more stable
- They had a large number of users known
- You will be assisted quickly if something goes wrong

b) Prepare information
- Information company introduction is very important indispensable. Contents company introduction should write brief include:
+ Full trading name of the company, the company began to operate from when ?
+ Industry and major products is what?
+ Headquarters address, where is specific office?
+ Your business criteria is what ?
+ Services & products you offer better other place ? Why good?
- Information about the sales policy of the company is also equally important. These policies may include:
+ Price Policy
+ Shipping policy
+ Sales Commitment
+ Warranty, after sales

c) Post Sale & Product Management – Categories is clear
- Products for sale must detail on price, promotion, product information, origin, beautiful pictures.
- Need to comply with the regulations published products.
- Only post the products is selling

d) Develop & estore manage
- Post accurate and complete contact information, online support account for customers to contact when necessary
- Choose suitable interface, content formatting posted on the estore is reasonable.

e) Sales Motivation
- Feedback when customers contact
- Contact to confirm the information as soon as the orders sent
- Customer support in choosing secure payment channels, convenient and least costly
- Setting up campaigns to promote

f) Develop sales reputation
- Make sure to do exactly as the commitments and sales policy