Messages from CEO

From a limited extent of 4 original members including Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore, with the scope of integrating the economies of Asia-Pacific region. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP Agreement) today, extended to 8 countries more  including Australia, Malaysia, Peru, United States, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam and Japan with the expected completion of the Agreement will affect nearly 40% of global economic output.

To have benefit from the completion of the Agreement, the only way of businesses from  member countries of the TPP Agreement is to continuously improve product quality to meet international standards.
Through our NOCNDEAL B2B E- Marketplace, we’re from Minh Pham Brothers Corporation, would like to create a fair business environment with New, Obvious, Cooperative  and Numerous DEAL for enterprises of all TPP members, that is our philosophy to build NOCNDEAL B2B E-Marketplace.

We hope NOCNDEAL will be a common house, in which manufacturers, service providers can advertise, make product presentation, successfully find out their business partners as well as they could find out more valuable information such as international standard for a product, in order to get a win-win outcome for all parties involved.

To raise products quality to a higher level, that will be a never-end mission. We're from NOCNDEAL hope your gentlemen will succesfully accomplish it, and will stand by side your gentlemen to help you to do that.

Minh Pham