Vision & Mission


From a very simple product, the children balloon Mickey Mouse. In Vietnam such products are sold by people who ride bicycle with already filled bubble hanging around, China origin, around 20,000 VND, in Singapore these products are sold in stores, packaging, un-filled, produced and printed in Japan for 200,000 VND. In terms of quality Chinese balloon will deflated within 24 hours, chilren have to be careful when contact especially if exposed balloon with body mucosa part, while Japan products can last over 30 days, whenever deflate can refill, harmless to children, besides, environmentally friendly.
Without consideration about the quality of balloon, it seems that the Chinese is clearly the right choice, but if quality is taken into account, the Japanese really the best choices in fact. China with this strategy now manipulates world market especially with those countries are less information and less choice as our country.
Therefore, we are missing a lots of quality raw material, finish product for life, in fact. That’s our philosophy when setting up NOCNDEAL B2B e-commerce platform.

Electronic Commerce is no other trend worldwide in the future, it should not be developed as it true scale. The appearance of NOCNDEAL E-Marketplace is in a right time and able to survive and develops in a sustainable way.


Through our NOCNDEAL B2B E-Marketplace, we’re from Minh Pham Brothers Corporation, would like to create a fair business environment with New, Obvious, Cooperative and Numerous DEAL, that is our philosophy to build NOCNDEAL B2B E-Marketplace.

We hope NOCNDEAL will be a common house, in which manufacturers, service providers can advertise, make product presentation, successfully find out their business partners as well as they could find out more valuable information such as international standard for a product, in order to get a win-win outcome for all parties involved.

Our missions

  1. To expand markets for Vietnamese products and services.
  2. To promote value creation of Vietnamese products and services.
  3. Increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

NOCNDEAL The No.1 Quality B2B E-Marketplace in Vietnam